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Yin-Yang Balancing Treatment

Based on ancient, traditional remedies of the Miao people of Lei Gong Shan (Thunder God Mountain) in China, Indulge Thairapy’s new Yin-Yang Balancing Treatment is a perfect treatment for the common ailments of people living here in tropical Singapore.

With hot and humid weather all-year round, Singaporeans generally use/are exposed to a lot of air-conditioning and consume copious amounts of iced & cold beverages. This disrupts the body’s natural yin-yang and qi balance, leading to an abundance of coldness and dampness accumulating in the lower half of the body and excessive heatiness accumulating in the upper half of the body, which can cause a myriad of health problems. These include insomnia, headaches, anxiety, irritability, excessive skin and scalp oiliness, poor blood circulation to the extremities, muscle aches and pains and menstrual irregularities etc.

Indulge Thairapy’s Yin-Yang Balancing Treatment addresses the root of the problems rather than just treating the symptoms individually. This is achieved by employing a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massage techniques with specially-blended herbal essential oils, Gua Sha Treatment on the back to release the excessive heatiness of the upper body and soothing, warming Moxibustion Treatment to expel the excess cold and dampness in the lower body.