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Indulge’s Tou Dao Tang Therapy

The scalp, being the highest patch of skin on the human body, is closely linked to the condition of skin on the rest of the body. Loss of elasticity and wrinkles on the scalp can cause the same effects on facial skin and other parts of the body. Hence, the maintenance of scalp health is essential to younger, smoother looking skin and a better complexion. Only with a healthy scalp can you have healthy hair follicles and healthy hair. Every follicle contains up to 300 capillaries (miniature blood vessels), and the human brain relies on such small blood vessels for transporting nutrients and clearing toxic material. Thus, an unhealthy scalp can lead to conditions such as hair loss, headaches, insomnia, poor memory and loss of elasticity of skin and premature wrinkles. Indulge’s revolutionary new treatment package provides a comprehensive solution to scalp and head health by clearing the meridian channels of blockages, promoting the healthy flow of both qi and blood. This is achieved with a combination of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) massage techniques and rejuvenating herbal elixirs brewed from ancient, traditional recipes of the Miao people. Experience the results for yourself today!

Indulge’s Tou Dao Tang Therapy has a myriad of benefits which include:

– Detoxifying the scalp

– Calming, Destressing and Anxiolytic properties which help to alleviate insomnia

– Improves memory, mental clarity and reduces mental fogginess

– Helps combat thinning hair and hair loss

– Clears meridien channels and promotes the healthy flow and circulation of both blood and qi

– Helps prevent white hair

– Overall health and wellness