Meridian and Tissue Manipulation (MTM)



What we offer

Meridian and Tissue Manipulation

MTM is a one-of-its-kind non-invasive treatment that combines TCM Meridian know-how and western Medicine’s study of muscles and bones to manipulate acupuncture points, meridians, soft tissues and muscle.

It is applied by a therapist using a set 5 specialized handheld rods on the specific meridian point on the body, thereby stimulating and encouraging the body to heal.

MTM Back (30 mins)

Relieve : Chronic back pain / Stiff Neck, Frozen Shoulder / Tensed ,  Knotted Back

MTM Tummy or Hip (30 mins)

Most effective in slimming and contouring.

MTM Leg (30 mins)

Effectively relieves sciatic joints and numbness / Stiffness in legs. Water retention and varicose veins will also be reduces.