Caviar DNA Imperial



What we offer

Caviar DNA Imperial (90 mins)

Luxurious skin Rejuvenator

Beluga caviar- the opulent star ingredient of Caviar DNA Imperial – is the highest class of  caviar favoured by royalties. The Persian variant called Almas, literally means diamonds. Truly the crown jewels of the sea, caviar DNA imperial is designed to lavishly pamper while enriching skin with collagen boosting protein, multi vitamins, microelements and minerals. Combined with moisturizing liposome complex, plus 13 rejuvenatinve ingredients harvested from nature, youthful skin is now at your command.

Activates cellular reconstruction, supports protein bio-synthesis and stimulates fibroblast growth for boosted collagen and supreme firming effect.

Activates cellular metabolism and respiration, promotes intensive renovation and infuses skin with antioxidants for richly energizing effect.

Activates cellular misture-holding power. Intensively hydrates, purifies and soothes to promote healing with luxuriantly moisturizing effect.

-converts nutrients to energy , leading to anti-fatigue factor

-boosts skin’s collagen and influence firm regeneration

-intensively repairs, rejuvenates & restores youthful suppleness