Matrix Cell (eye)



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Matrix Cell (eye)

Matrix-cell (eye; includes Radio Frequency) (45 mins)

Dark eye circles/lines and puffy eye bags make us look tired, exhausted and older in appearance. While many factors are at play-stress, fatigue, lifestyle, genetics, gravity, fluid retention, excess pigmentation or weakening tissues and muscles. Some factor can be fixed with Celmonze Matrix-cell 360 pure perfection 3-step program:

Renewal 360 is designed to smoothen and strengthen skin around the eye area through matrix-cell skincare.

Remodel 360 a gentle Dot. Matrix machine treat

Reaffirm 360 an acupressure point massage, stimulates skin’s life energy from within. Energizing eye-skin area to combat agents of aging in advance, while upgrading skin matrix for lifted, firming effect.



See younger-looking fresher eyes restored in just 2 minutes

-diminished dark-eye rings

-reduced lines and eye bags

-eyes look fresh and youthful