Cell White



What we offer

Cell white (90 mins)

Glowing skin illuminator

Calmly rebalances and renovates skin till glowing with natural essence of luminosity.

Dull and uneven skin tone? Perhaps you’ve tried exfoliating and moisturizing. Maybe you’re also drinking more water, sleeping more and changing your diet. That’s a good start. Now, for better, faster and brighter results, boots skin’s renovation with celwhite.

Powered by star ingredients like Niacinamide (vit B3), combined with the illuminating wonder of alpha-arbutin—plus antioxidants,minerals and 15 plant extracts. Celwhite works to calmly renew, repair, rebalance and renovate skin tone till glowing –naturally.

-interrupt darkening process

-illuminate-away dull sunspots

-intervene against free radicals

-influence skin renewal & repair